Spirit Animal Bee

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GIFTS: Communication. Pollination of ideas. Community. Enjoying and adding to the sweetness of life. Working toward a common goal. Supporting a higher ideal or the greater good. Dedicating yourself to your purpose.

CHALLENGES: Losing yourself in the group. Lack of focus and losing your way. Susceptibility to environmental toxins (physical and energetic).

spirit animal bee

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Spirit Animal Bee is a master pollinator. Nearly one-third of the human food supply is dependent upon bee pollination. That is incredible creative power that you can use to spark or fan the flames of your own creativity. Whether it’s generating new ideas or spreading other ideas, Bee can support you in pollinating the hearts and minds of other people. The lesson here is that you don’t necessarily have to be responsible for coming up with all the ideas. You can stimulate the seed of an idea in others. Physical bees spread pollen which leads to the fertilization of seeds. Your version of pollination can be as simple as inspiring others.

If Bee is your spirit animal, it will be empowering for you to accept this responsibility for pollination. Don’t force it, of course. Don’t do all the talking, showing, and telling. Own the gift of pollination, and set the intention that sometimes what you say or do will fertilize an idea in someone else. It’s too much pressure on yourself and on them to intend constant pollination.

Spirit Animal Bee is a symbol of the Sun, of community, of personal power and of fertility. Use Bee to shine a light on your fear. You’ll see that your fear is not Truth, and it is not you. Use Bee medicine to ground yourself fully in your own personal power and to recognize that you are not your fear.

Your fear’s misguided efforts to protect you result in your being stuck in false personality. Bee’s gifts include letting go of false personality so you can live authentically in True Personality.

Bee is excellent for creative endeavors. Nearly one third of the human food supply is dependent on bee pollination. That is incredible creative power that you can use when you need to spark or fan the flames of your own creative energy.

Like Ant, much of Bee’s power comes from the compounding effects of one and one and one. . . . You can learn from Bee that sometimes creation needs the strength of community. Where could you benefit from a creative community?