The Artist is Returned

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In another (metaphorical) life, I was a professional artist under the pseudonym of Ana Kelly. I created paintings, sculptures, installation pieces, and short films. The last piece I created was … Read More

Spirit Animal Alligator

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GIFTS: Patience. Timing. Stealth. Integration of dualities. Primal energy. CHALLENGES: Hiding vulnerabilities. Desire for revenge. “Biting people’s heads off.” When you think of Alligator, you probably picture it lying motionless … Read More

Spirit Animal Ant

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GIFTS: Unexpected strength. Teamwork. The magic of sharing a common goal. The power of numbers. Cooperation. Honoring individual contributions to the greater good. CHALLENGES: Getting lost in the crowd. Single-minded … Read More

Spirit Animal Armadillo

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GIFTS: Boundaries. Recognizing your vulnerabilities. Empathy. Groundedness. CHALLENGES: Hiding your vulnerabilities. Lack of intimacy. Lack of empathy. Impenetrable boundaries. Spirit Animal Armadillo is a powerful ally if you have weak … Read More

Spirit Animal Badger

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GIFTS: Self-expression. Self-reliance. Fearlessness. Relentless pursuit of what you want, what you desire. Perseverance. Digging deep and uncovering what’s below the surface. Aggression. Ferocity. Speaking your mind. Standing your ground. … Read More

Spirit Animal Bat

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GIFTS: Radical change in perspective. Finding your way through the dark. Roosting and hibernating. Clairaudience or clairvoyance. Creativity and propagating creativity. Timing. CHALLENGES: Confusion. Muddled thinking. Flying into obstacles. Being … Read More

Spirit Animal Bear

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GIFTS: Introspection. Hibernation. Strength. Balance of gentleness and ferocity. Standing at your full height. Standing your ground. Speaking up for what you want. Defending what’s yours. Coming out of your … Read More