Spirit Animal Bobcat

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GIFTS: Patience. Solitariness. Intelligence. Ferocity. Thriving through transitions. Resilience. Independence.

CHALLENGES: Too much change and lack of stability. Scaring away connections and intimacy.

spirit animal bobcat

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Spirit Animal Bobcat is a master at guiding you through periods of transition. Physical bobcat is crepuscular, meaning it is most active during the several hours around sunset and sunrise. These transitional periods of each day symbolize the bigger transitional periods of your life. Bobcat does not merely make it through transitional periods, it thrives during these periods.

The message for you is that great learning, growth, and abundance can occur during periods of transition. Bobcat is fierce and fearless, reminding you not to resist transition out of fear, but to enter them with courage and determination.

When you avoid change, you avoid learning and growth, and often abundance. Fear of change—the belief that you are unprepared for change and that change will be disastrous—keeps most people stuck, in poverty mindset and in self-sabotage. Bobcat is supremely confidence in its own ability to thrive. Bobcat trusts that transition does not mean disaster and does not herald a moving from good to bad or from better to worse. Change simply is. It is your judgment of it that makes it “good,” “bad,” “better,” or “worse,”

If you are going through a transition, use Bobcat medicine to help you move through the transition with courage and grace. The greatest gifts often come from transition.

Spirit Animal Bobcat teaches fear-less-ness through patience and solitariness. Bobcat is a patient hunter who will go days without eating. When prey is abundant, Bobcat will fill up.

Bobcat is a solitary creature and offers the lesson of standing on your own, leaving a community that doesn’t support you, or standing your own ground within the community.

Bobcat symbolizes intelligence and ferocity. Use these gifts to relentlessly pursue what you most want in life.

Bobcat also teaches to migrate to environments that suit you. Unlike Lynx, Bobcat is not well suited to hunt in the snow. The snow is not a challenge for Bobcat to overcome; it is a sign that it’s time to move on. To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven. Bobcat teaches timing and seasonality, recognizing that danger is real.

I communed with a bobcat at Earthfire Institute who offered his own personal lessons. He badly wanted to connect and make friends with me and my daughter, but he was afraid. He knew we were not there permanently. He knew we would be leaving him. And so he protected himself by growling and trying to scare us off. Sound familiar? If he scared us off, then he wouldn’t be the one to get rejected. And still he reached out to us. In spite of the growling and the wariness, his curiosity and desire to connect pushed him to allow us in. We merely sat by the door. He opened it enough for us to peek in.