Spirit Animal Butterfly

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GIFTS: Transformation. Timing. Being present in this moment. Beauty. Grace through change.

CHALLENGES: Too much flitting around (lack of focus and stability). Lack of groundedness. Fear of change. Fear of missing out. Fragility.

spirit animal butterfly

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For many people, Spirit Animal Butterfly is the ultimate symbol of change and transformation. The image of a gorgeous butterfly emerging, fully formed, from the cocoon, ready for flight, is an inspiring and appealing one. Seeing yourself as the butterfly waiting to emerge is validating and comforting. No matter what is happening on the outside, knowing that there is a butterfly in you trying to come out gives you hope and reassurance.

And yet what many people forget—or choose not to remember—is that the process of emergence is actually a process of radical transformation, one that changes every single thing about you, a literal death and rebirth. In the caterpillar, we do not recognize the egg. In the butterfly, we do not recognize the caterpillar. Are you willing to destroy what you are to become who you were meant to be? Are you willing to let the caterpillar die so that the butterfly may be reborn?

The answer is not an easy “yes.” Butterfly aficionados can tell from the appearance of the caterpillar what the butterfly will look like. You cannot tell from you are you now what your inner butterfly will like. And that creates fear. If you let this self die, what if you don’t like your new self as much?

Moth goes through this same kind of transformation—dying in order to be reborn—as does mythical creature Phoenix. Frog and Dragonfly, on the other hand, undergo a more “gentle” transformation in which they grow out of what they no longer need and grow into what they do.

Spirit Animal Butterfly teaches making the most of this moment and being fear-less in the face of transition or transformation.

Butterfly is particularly helpful in releasing the fear of missing out. “To everything there is a season.” Rushing the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly results in death.

Butterfly energy is also helpful in releasing the fear of change. Without change, there would be no Butterfly at all. The fear of change believes that change brings disaster and the *you* won’t be prepared for change. Butterfly shows that change can bring awesome transformation and beauty. Yes, the old essentially dies. But the new transcends.