Spirit Animal Coyote

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GIFTS: Trickster. Play. Shapeshifting. Everything matters, nothing matters. Balancing risk and safety, wisdom and folly. Adaptability.

CHALLENGES: Getting caught in your own trap. Getting stuck on “nothing matters.” Forgetting your true form. Taking on too much risk.

spirit animal coyote

Spirit Animal Coyote teaches cleverness, playfulness and Trickster energy. Coyote is a high-energy spirit animal that seduces you with its cleverness, its playfulness and its Trickster qualities.

Coyote is the archetypal Trickster. Even its name is derived from the Aztec work cóyotl, meaning trickster. Don’t let that Trickster quality scare you off, as it does so many people. The archetypal Trickster crosses boundaries, breaks down barriers, and blurs lines.

The Trickster obfuscates black-and-white in order to illuminate the gray. You may find this disorienting as everything you’ve known gets turned on its head. But when you are open to the lessons and gifts of Trickster/Coyote, you will discover its underlying purpose: to destroy illusions.

Spirit Animal Coyote uses play and shapeshifting to blur your own lines between black and white, good and bad, right and wrong, sacred and profane. Coyote teaches that these artificial constructs create separation and compartmentalization, which can result in a sense of isolation from the oneness of all that is.

Coyote’s destruction of boundaries results in the creation of ideas, connections, epiphanies, acceptance. As with other Trickster-type spirit animals (such as FoxCrow, Raccoon, and Raven), this is a Shiva-like destruction that clears the way for creation. It is not random “destroy just the sake of destroying” energy. There is purpose within the destruction.

Coyote is known as a shapeshifter and will transform as needed to get your attention or give you a message. It is up to you to receive the message. Remember that when you ignore the whispers of your soul—which can come through your spirit animal—you will likely get hit over the head with a metaphorical sledgehammer. Don’t tempt Coyote’s Trickster energy to create a sledgehammer situation for you.

Join in Coyote’s seduction. Play with Coyote in order to learn its gifts and use them as your own.

Coyote is a powerful ally to call in when you need to explore and harness your own creativity. When you feel any kind of creative block, ask for Coyote’s help to see and then destroy the barrier that separates you from being in creative flow.

Coyote’s fear-less-ness comes from its playful nonchalance and from its confidence in its own cleverness. Of course, the ability to shapeshift certainly engenders confidence in eluding danger and laughing off fear.

Don’t mistake Coyote’s playfulness and Trickster qualities for ignorance, malice or indifference. Coyote is rooted firmly in instinct and brings great wisdom with it. Coyote is a powerful teacher and a reminder that wisdom can be cultivated even without taking everything so seriously.

Coyote alternates between attitudes of “everything matters” and “nothing matters.” (That’s actually the name of a book by Pittsburgh author Gina Mazza.) It can be difficult to find yourself swinging between those two attitudes, one minute believing that this moment is the most important moment ever to the next moment, ugh, this is the end of the world. In many ways, this is the most important moment ever, as Eckhart Tolle teaches in his book “The Power of Now.” And yet, if we screw up in this moment, if this moment sucks, it usually is not the end of the world. Usually. 😉

(I’m still working on the attitude. I don’t claim to be an enlightened being. I’m simply on the journey….)