Spirit Animal Crane

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GIFTS: Luck. Longevity. Loyalty. Migration. Intuition. Focus. Communication. Commitment.

CHALLENGES: Getting lost or stuck. Losing sight of options and alternatives. Fear of change vs fear of missing out.

spirit animal crane

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For many people, Crane is a symbol of luck and longevity. When Spirit Animal Crane shows up for you—in person, in a dream, in the cards, in a shamanic journey—you might take that as a sign that you soon have luck or that what you’re working on will be long-lasting. But Crane’s gifts extend beyond these symbols of prophecy.

Physical cranes pair-bond in monogamous relationship. The lesson for you is to take your own commitments seriously. Hold them as sacred. If you are asking for insight about a relation or a potential job, for example, you can interpret a message from Spirit Animal Crane to mean, “Yes, make this commitment, and it’s going to be a long-term one,” or “Consider this commitment fully before you commit because it’s going to be a long-term one.” Crane is not necessarily telling you to commit. It’s telling you to mean it when you commit.

Many subspecies of cranes undertake an annual migration. As such, a message from Crane can be a prompt about commitment, or it can be an indication for change. Perhaps the message is that it is time to move on. Physical cranes migrate when things start to freeze over. They migrate toward sun, warmth, and food. If your situation feels as if it is freezing over, explore the possibility of migrating to a more nourishing situation.

Crane offers the gifts of focus and intuition. When cranes fly, they fly keep their necks outstretched, unlike herons who fly with their necks pulled back. The message for you is to stay focused on where you are going and what you want. Crane teaches you to let your intuition guide you toward what you want. Physical cranes follow their instinct and their geomagnetic sensing. In other words, listen to your gut. Don’t overthink things.

Having Crane as your spirit animal makes you susceptible to the fear of missing out. Too much migration puts you in constant movement, never establishing roots anywhere, feeling lost and ungrounded. In the other direction, you can fall into the fear of change. When your focus is strong that you fear losing it, you end up stuck in your ways or stuck in a situation that may no longer serve you.