Spirit Animal Crow

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GIFTS: Creating your own sacred codes. Being at home in alternate realities and multiple dimensions. Communication and hearing the wake-up call. Intelligence and problem-solving skills. Change—creating change and ushering in change.

CHALLENGES: Staying too long in other dimensions and not enough time in the here and now. Being “too clever for your own good.” Telling others what to do when it would better serve them to figure it out for themselves. Creating unnecessary change, change just for the sake of change.

spirit animal crow

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In mythology from cultures all over the world, Crow appears as an omen, an augury, a ghost, a messenger, an embodied spirit. Spirit animal Crow teaches fear-less-ness that comes from recognizing and exploring alternate realities and multi-dimensionality. Crow lives in the here and now but is unafraid to visit and carry messages back from other dimensions.

Spirit animal Crow is a powerful symbol for shamanic work, which takes place while actively visiting alternate realities. Spirit Animal Crow is a helpful ally for journeying work, such as to meet your spirit animal. If you have a hard time meeting your spirit animal in a journey, you can ask Crow to come in and assist your. If Crow is your spirit animal, you may be able to assist others in meeting theirs.

Crow is a symbol of sacred law. But what Crow teaches is that we are to live by our own codes, our own laws—the ones that come from our own Personal Truth. We cannot deny the reality of World Truths and Universal Truths. But we are here to live our Personal Truth.

Crows are highly intelligent—based on a human scale of intelligence—beings. They actively use tools, plan and solve problems, and communicate teachings to each other. The gift for you is to combine Crow’s messages and change with Crow’s intelligence and problem-solving skills. Releasing fear does not happen through one channel only. It happens through many channels and many dimensions. Crow offers you the power to integrate its many gifts to release your fear.

Crow is a skilled communicator. Hearing the caw of a crow can be a wake-up call. Notice your thoughts and feelings in that moment to interpret Crow’s message for you. You may be receiving a sign that you are falling into limiting beliefs or that you are on the right track. Listen to your intuition to interpret the meaning of Crow’s caw for yourself.

For many people, Crow is a sign of change to come—or an echoing of change that is happening. There is no need to fear seeing physical crows. If they do elicit fear of change in you, then give thanks for Crow’s warning that change is coming. Crow is not always a harbinger of approaching change. It can be reflecting the current state of transition. In this case, seeing physical crows can be a reminder to ride the waves of change or a confirmation that you are effectively handling change.

Crow possesses Trickster energy as do Coyote, Raven, Fox, and Raccoon.