Spirit Animal Dolphin

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GIFTS: Communication. Diving deep into emotions. Speed. Knowing when to come up for air. Joy and play. Family. Healing. Sensuality and sexuality.

CHALLENGES: Forgetting to come up for air. Staying too long on the surface and not diving deep enough. Too much play, not enough seriousness (not taking things seriously enough). Promiscuity. Jealousy.

spirit animal dolphin

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Like all creatures who make the water their home, Dolphin teaches being at home in your emotions.

Dolphins move swiftly, gracefully and deeply through the water (symbol of emotions). They also spend a lot of time at play in the water. The lesson for you is to dive deeply into your emotions, learn how to move gracefully through them, and enjoy the ride.

You are not your emotions. They simply represent your current state of being, not a permanent state of being. Dolphins do live permanently in the oceans and die if they spend too much time on land. You are not fully human if you avoid your emotions, if you try to transcend them. Living fully in the human experience is what makes you human. This may seem like a strange gift from Dolphin, who, obviously, is not human. But the metaphor is the thing. You are not a dolphin. Spirit animal Dolphin has come into your life to remind you of your humanity—your soulfulness, your connection to all beings.

Dolphin offers the gift of breath. Dolphin’s survival is dependent on being in the sea. But, like all mammals, Dolphin must breathe air to live. The lesson for you, especially as it relates to releasing fear, is to breathe. Simply breathe.

I’m already breathing; I’m ALWAYS breathing. 

Yes, you are. But most of us aren’t breathing fully, from our bellies. We feel so constricted, not fully living our Personal Truth, that we unconsciously constrict our breathing. We breathe from our chests instead of from deep in our bellies. Remember that Dolphin teaches you to go deep—into emotion, into your Personal Truth and into your breath.

When you notice fear starting to express itself, pause, breathe and then dive into exploring it. You are not your fear. So you are free to swim around in it to understand it. Breathe in the truth of who you really are. Then enjoy the adventure.

Interesting, maybe ironically, my breathing is most regular when I go SCUBA diving. It slows down (no, I’m not ever holding my breath). I feel calmer, more at peace. I move more slowly. In spite of my power animals, I long to stay underwater all day (except for the fact that I get cold quickly).

I think of the Luc Besson movie “The Big Blue,” starring Jean Reno and Rosanna Arquette. We watch two free divers compete in a competition in Sicily as they go for deeper and deeper depths, holding their breath longer and longer, their heart rates slowing down, their blood pressure lowering. Researchers claim that their physiology is more like that of dolphins than humans. Jean-Marc Barr’s character even encounters and (SPOILER—though the movie did come out in 1988) swims off with a dolphin when he reaches a record-breaking depth. It feels like a spiritual connection to me—one that mirrors his own innocent rejection of the limiting beliefs of others and his own (non-existent) fear.