Spirit Animal Dragonfly

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GIFTS: Transformation. Cutting through illusion. Revealing the truth. Wisdom. Instantaneous changing of direction. Enlightenment.

CHALLENGES: Forcing the Truth on others before they are ready. Inability to sit still. Relaying your vision to people who cannot see it.

spirit animal dragonfly

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Similar to Butterfly and Moth, Spirit Animal Dragonfly offers the gift of transformation. Dragonfly larvae hatch and grow in the water and transform into the flying adults we recognize. Spirit Animal Dragonfly teaches that change is an inevitable part of life. You can view change from the fear-based perspective that is life-destroying or from the expansive perspective that change is life-giving.

A unique approach to change is Dragonfly’s ability to change directions instantaneously. We are often afraid of change, afraid that we won’t be prepared for change, afraid that we won’t be able to safely navigate change. With Dragonfly as your spirit animal, you have the gift of being able to adjust your course—at a moment’s notice, without much (if any) planning. While Squirrel needs lots of time to plan and prepare, Dragonfly can handle any surprises that come its way. And so can you.

Physical dragonflies are capable of seeing colors that are invisible to human eyes. I love this—the idea that there are creatures who can see colors that just don’t exist to our eyes. With Dragonfly as your spirit animal, this doesn’t mean that you can physically see colors outside the human spectrum of visible light. But it does mean that you have the gift of perceiving what other people do not. Metaphorically, what does “seeing new colors” mean to you? To me it means seeing things in a new perspective, seeing a hidden truth that other can’t or don’t want to see.

This is related to Dragonfly’s gift of cutting through illusion. Remember that fear and underlying limiting beliefs create a veil of illusion. Dragonfly can see through that veil to detect the truth. This gift often gets raised out of children and even denied in adults. How often have you been told that your instincts were wrong? We don’t always have the opportunity to discover that our instincts were actually right, but I’ll bet that you have examples of doubting your gut orly to have it proven correct later. Stop doubting it! Tap into Dragonfly to trust yourself and your gut again.