Spirit Animal Eagle

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GIFTS: Vision. Courage. Connection to spirit. Strength. Fearlessness. Ferocity. Holding onto what you want and what you’ve got.

CHALLENGES: Lack of groundedness. Vision that is always so big you can block empathy (can’t see the trees for the forest). Difficulty communicating your vision to others.

spirit animal eagle

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Spirit Animal Eagle teaches vision and connection to Spirit.

Spirit Animal Eagle is a powerful, archetypal symbol in many indigenous cultures. Eagle is the connection to Great Spirit—the bridge between you and God/the Universe/your Higher Self/what you prefer to call it.

I cannot write or even think about Eagle without lines from Peter Gabriel’s “San Jacinto” coming to mind. “Red paint, eagle feathers, coyote calling, it has begun. . . . I hold the line, the line of strength that pulls me through the fear. . . . San Jacinto, yellow eagle flies down from the sun, from the sun.”

Eagle connects you to your intuition, to divine guidance, to your inner wisdom. Eagle imbues you with courage and flies you away from the fear that falls off your should, like a ratty blanket you’ve long outgrown. Eagle is holding onto the other end of the line of strength that pulls you through the fear.

Use Eagle energy literally to have a bird’s eye view of your situation, to help you better assess your situation—the destination, the obstacles, the best direction to take. Soar with Eagle up a thousand feet, five-thousand fee, fifteen-thousand feet. See how dramatically the situation changes, loses its punch, becomes more manageable.

Eagle has excellent vision and can see details from a distance. Remember that you don’t have to be in the thick of things to see what’s important. Often, you’ll get the best view the farther removed you are.

As an animal totem, Eagle represents connection to Spirit. When you are fully connected to your Higher Self and to Source energy, you are fearless—truly without fear. Use this connection to Spirit as yet another perspective to take. When you look at your fear from the perspective of Spirit, you see that fear no longer serves you. Is there danger? Is there risk? Yes, there may be. Spirit recognizes danger but never chooses fear.