Spirit Animal Elk

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GIFTS: Stamina. Agility. Strong connection with same sex or gender. Personal empowerment.

CHALLENGES: Getting stuck or bored with a community that is too “like-minded.” Losing your independence. Getting stuck in a rut.

spirit animal elk

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While all spirit animals teach personal empowerment to some degree or Spirit Animal Elk is a unique symbol of empowerment. If Elk is your spirit animal and you don’t feel empowered, go get connected right now. It’s not that empowerment is easy, even with Elk. It’s that Elk is so solidly grounded in its own worth that you can channel that gift as your own.

Experiencing a momentary lapse of worthiness? Feel that Elk energy right in your belly. Stand up and raise your arms up as if they were your antler. You’ll embody your Elk gifts while also increasing your confidence.

Physiologically, standing in this V-pose for 60 seconds will lower your cortisol levels (the stress hormone) by 25 percent while raising testosterone (a confidence hormone) by 20 percent. How’s that for a cool effect of pretending to be an elk?!

Physical elks can run long distances for a long time, conserving energy to be able to go the distance. Contrast this to cheetahs who run extremely fast but for only short bursts of time—before they burn out. This Elk gift of stamina doesn’t mean you can slack off on self-care. But it does give you an advantage for having a seemingly endless supply of energy.

Even though wolvescoyotescougars, and people hunt physical elks, spirit animal Elk supports you in the ongoing process of facing and releasing fear. You may be impatient with yourself for still having this fear. “Aren’t I done yet? Haven’t I learned this lesson yet?” Releasing fear is not a “one and done” thing. You’re human, and that means fear is a lifelong and lifetimes-long challenge. Be prepared to go the distance. Elk will help you do so. Elk’s gift of agility will also help you react and respond quickly, with instinctive acuity, when fear does manifest.

Elk enjoys the company of others of the same sex. If Elk is showing up in your life, make sure that you have a strong, supportive community of the same sex or same gender. Share your fear with your community to get support in releasing it. You are not alone.