Spirit Animal Falcon

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GIFTS: Vision. Freedom. Speed. Aggression. Decide-and-take-action.

CHALLENGES: Being too aggressive. Freedom at the expense of stability. Lack of groundedness. Impatience. Being hasty in making decisions.

spirit animal falcon

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Like Eagle and Hawk, Spirit Animal Falcon teaches vision and perspective. Not only do physical falcons have a broad perspective from above, but their vision is also more than two and a half times better than human vision. In other words, they can see far and wide and still pick out details. If Falcon is your spirit animal, you likely take a big picture view of problems and may be called visionary. This kind of big picture thinking is not common and is an essential characteristic of innovators, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Falcon is the fastest land animal alive. The Peregrine falcon can reach speeds up to 200 mph during its free dive (or stoop) while hunting prey. The gift for you is quickness of thought, being decisive, and taking swift action. Falcon does not take hasty, thoughtless action. Rather, Falcon circles an area looking for prey and strikes only when the timing is exactly right. The lesson for yours to circle an idea before making a decision. Look at the issue from more than one angle, more than one perspective. Take in all the information you need. Then, when you have what you need, decide and take action.

Falcon would like me to write that phrase as one word: decideandtakeaction. It’s not, “Decide, think about it some more, figure things out, plan to take action, put things in order, and then take action.” It’s, “Decide and immediately take action.” Period.

Decide-and-take-action requires confidence and faith on your part. You must have (or develop) confidence and faith on your part. You must have (or develop) confidence in  yourself and in your abilities, and faith that you can do what you decide to do. Does this mean you won’t or can’t fail? Of course, not. Failure is possible. But that doesn’t mean that you made the wrong decision or took poor action.

Falcon does not catch every prey it goes after. If it gave up, it would die. If you give up, you will emotionally and spiritually die. Failure is an option and is not fatal. Think of Richard Branson taking huge risks, having many massive (and very public) failures, and still going for it again the next day and the next and the next.

Falcon also offers the gifts of speed, aggression and royalty. Use Falcon’s gift of speed to switch quickly from fear-based reactions to Truth-based actions.

Falcon is fearless and strikes fear in the hearts of potential prey. Be careful not to use Falcon medicine to become unnecessarily intimidating. Rather remember that fear is a choice. And you have the choice not to hold onto it.

Falcon is a symbol of aggression and war. It is not advisable to fight your fear directly, as fear will fight back and will hold on tighter than before. But you can metaphorically slay your dragons with Falcon’s aggression.

What is the root of your fear?

Fight your limiting beliefs (the root cause), not the fear itself (the symptom).

In some cultures, Falcon is known as the ruler of the birds. Use Falcon’s gift of royalty to rule your realm. As the ruler of your realm, you get to choose who’s allowed in. You have the power to close the drawbridge to fear.