Spirit Animal Flamingo

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GIFTS: Maintaining individuality within the flock. Beauty and preening. Sexuality. Staying grounded while wading in emotions. Self-care.

CHALLENGES: Losing yourself in the flock. Preening at the expense of authenticity. Forgetting to nourish yourself.

spirit animal flamingo

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Spirit Animal Flamingo teaches maintaining your individuality within the flock.

Flamingo is striking, gorgeous, preening and sensual—a strong symbol of flirtatiousness and sexuality. Pink represents the heart, compassion and connection. Flamingo’s pink coloring comes from diet. Without a proper diet, Flamingo pales to white.

For you this means that you must nourish your heart, your compassion and your connection—to your Self and to others in the flock. Without proper nourishment, your heart will pale. This is a strong message of self-care—not just “diet, exercise, and adequate sleep,” but care of your soul, what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar.

Spirit Animal Flamingo offers the gift of being a unique individual within the flock.

Flamingo’s commitment to flock-living does not mean “following the herd” (we’re talking Flamingo, not sheep!) or being boring. In fact, Flamingo teaches that you can be true to your Self while still being loyal to the flock. Being One with others does not have to mean losing your Self or watering yourself down. With a strong, supportive flock, you can still be striking, flamboyant, a stand-out.

Flamingo’s long legs mean that it can wade into deeper waters while still touching the bottom. Remember that water is a symbol of emotions. So Flamingo models staying grounded even while wading into deeper emotions. You do not have to free-float through your emotions, potentially being tossed here and there. You can keep your footing and stay grounded while wading into your emotional truth. As long as you stay grounded, you won’t get swept away.