Spirit Animal Frog

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GIFTS: Transformation and evolution. Ease in emotions. Letting go of what you no longer need. Adopting what you need to evolve. Emotional healing. Communicating through song, creating your own song of life.

CHALLENGES: Getting stuck in the mud, bogged down by emotions and little “l” life. Getting stuck in a transitional state, not fully evolving.

spirit animal frog

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Spirit Animal Frog is kin to Butterfly and Moth with its gift of transformation. Frog’s transformation is as profound as Butterfly’s and Moth’s but more gentlemen. While the caterpillar form of Butterfly and Moth must physically die for the adult to be born, the tadpole form of Frog does not die. It evolves.

Frog is born as a fish, taking in oxygen through its gills directly from the water. As this tadpole grows up, it transforms into an adult frog, an amphibian who breathes air. Frog teaches that transformation does not have to be a traumatic experience. Yes, the transformation is dramatic. But Frog’s transformation occurs gradually and progressively.

Frog’s transformation from tadpole into frog results in the emergence of a new creature. The lesson for you is that your own transformations can result in no longer recognizing who you were before. This prospect can be frightening when you are facing a situation you know will be transformative. But Frog shows you that it’s not a death of the old you; it’s a letting go of what the new you no longer needs. Gills do not serve Frog. A tail does not serve Frog.

Frog also teaches evolving what you do need to transform into your Higher Self. Legs serve Frog in this transformation. Lungs serve Frog in this transformation. What do you need to evolve to transform into your Higher Self?

Frog has been used by shamans, medicine women and men, witches and other healing throughout history. Whether physical frog has any real healing traits for us is beside the point. The point is that Frog symbolizes healing—at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

While Toad shares all of the gifts of Frog, Toad has a few extra gifts of its own. Physical toads prefer drier climates and are not associated with water the way frogs are. Physical toads also have poison glands behind their eyes.

The Toad gifts here are groundedness, full emergence from the world of emotion, and self-protection. Toad’s preference for a dry environment means that it is more on the ground, more grounded. Water is still an essential part of the Toad lifecycle, but a mature toad no longer lives in the water (symbol of emotion). Toad teaches you to stay grounded and not let your emotions rule you.

Toad also teaches that you can’t escape into emotions. Some frogs use the water to escape predators. Think about when you have used your emotions to escape reality, to avoid facing your fears, to deny Truth. Toad is teaching you to stay on solid ground, to face reality, to control your emotions so they don’t control you.

Finally, Toad teaches that it’s okay and even necessary to have a means of protection. Living exposed on solid ground, with no water through which to escape, can leave you vulnerable. Don’t fall into Toad’s shadow side of puffing up (arrogance) as a defense mechanism. That’s fear-based. And you run the risk of staying puffed up and masking your true self. The poison glands behind the eyes symbolizes having faith that you—the real you—will be all right, no matter what. You won’t see every danger coming. Bad situations may “sneak up on you.” Create whatever safety net feels right to you. Then trust that you are prepared. Don’t focus on the safety net or the reason for wanting it. Set it up then relax, knowing it is there.