Spirit Animal Giraffe

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GIFTS: Farsightedness. Reaching what others cannot. Standing out. Groundedness with vision. Communicating your vision with non-visionaries.

CHALLENGES: Not fitting in. Sharing your vision with the “wrong” people.

spirit animal giraffe

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Spirit Animal Giraffe has the unique gift of big picture vision while still being grounded. Most other spirit animals who have the gift of big picture vision are birds and have a huge challenge getting grounded. Bird spirit animals also have a challenge of relaying their vision to others in a way that non-visionaries can understand.

This is not a challenge for Giraffe. As a grounded creature, Giraffe is able to communicate easily with other, more grounded creatures. Giraffe already speaks the language of other grounded beings, so it doesn’t have to translate visionary language into earthbound language the way Hawk and Eagle have to.

What this means for you is that you have the gift of vision combined with the gift of relaying your vision to others. You may not feel like a visionary because of the effects of being grounded: feeling more solid, connected, not flighty. Giraffe imbues you with a calmness that stereotypical visionaries tend not to possess. But don’t let these differences cause you to devalue your sight. What good is seeing if you can’t effectively express what you see?

Solitary Hawk can be okay—for a while—keeping its vision to itself. But herd-living Giraffe would rather give up its vision than give up the herd in order to follow its vision. Do you see the power of that for you? This combination gift of grounded vision can make you an excellent leader, one who cares both about the vision and about making sure all your people get there.

Giraffe’s gift of reaching what others cannot give you both ambition and the ability to achieve your lofty goals. While many people won’t let their vision extend their reach, you can reach what you seek. The trick for you is not to limit your vision based on others’ myopia. They may say it can’t be done. They may say you can’t do it. Remember, with Giraffe, you can.

If you have the fear of missing out, use Giraffe energy to take a broad view of where you are and to see the reality that you are where you are supposed to be.

Giraffe’s vision can also help you see when it is time to make a change, to move to another area—very helpful in releasing the fear of change. Borrow Giraffe’s gifts to find the best path for you to make change. With Giraffe, you can see far ahead to avoid (and plan for) obstacles and disasters (what fear of change fears and collects).