Spirit Animal Goat

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GIFTS: Independence. Perseverance in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Sure-footedness. Letting go of guilt. Spiritual ambition. Masculine energy (whatever masculine means to you).

CHALLENGES: Stubbornness. Fear of change. Martyrdom. Lacking a solid foundation. Being a “butthead.”

spirit animal goat

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Spirit Animal Goat refers to Wild Goat, such as Ibex or Mountain Goat, not domesticated goats. Goat is a powerful symbol of independence and perseverance.

Spirit Animal Goat* teaches independence, the elimination of guilt, and spiritual ambition.Because of the millennia of myth and ritual uses of goats, sacrifice comes to my mind when I think of goat. If Goat is your spirit animal, be careful not to fall into the martyrdom that comes with the fear of worthlessness. Goat’s gift is the sacrifice of one’s ego for the greater good, for a higher cause, for spiritual ambition.

Unlike sheep or Ram, Goat is not naturally a herd animal. Rather, it lives in a loose group, having a closer bond to the herd in youth and becoming more independent with age. The lesson for you is not to allow yourself to be herded or forced into a group that doesn’t suit you. Choose your group on your own. Form strong bonds early on, then evolve your community relationships over time. Use Goat energy to step away from the herd, to find and follow your own path.

When you start to feel guilty for leaving the herd behind, reconnect with Goat to let that guilt go. Goat brings with it masculine energy and persistence that can be useful in eliminating feelings of guilt.

If fear of change is holding you back, meditate on Goat’s independence and spiritual ambition. Stubbornness that comes with fear of change blocks independence and hinders spiritual growth. Let Goat guide you to finding and following your true path.

Goat’s perseverance makes it a helpful ally when approaching any goal or project—long-term or short, spiritual or material—that involves growth and moving up. Goat is sure-footed even on loose rocks and uneven terrain. Picture those mountain goats hopping effortlessly up a mountain of falling rocks! Use Goat energy when you are walking an uncertain path, especially if there is an uphill component—a new skill to learn, personal growth to explore.

To work even deeper with Goat energy, look at the astrological sign Capricorn. For you personally, refer to your astrological chart and pay attention to which house (or houses) is being ruled by Capricorn. In what house is Saturn (the planet that rules Capricorn)? This will represent a part of your life that is calling for you to exert more independence. Notice if your Saturn is bundled with other planet in your chart or if it is standing on its own (signifying even more independence).