Spirit Animal Goose

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GIFTS: Migration. Sacred circle. Silliness. Fidelity. Shared leadership. Prosperity, good fortune, and abundance (the Golden Egg).

CHALLENGES: Waiting for someone else to lead. Blind loyalty to the “wrong” person, group, or cause.

spirit animal goose

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Spirit Animal Goose offers the gifts of migration, shared leadership, fidelity and silliness. You know the saying, you silly goose. Silliness, laughter, play—these are all excellent ways to lower stress, increase confidence, spark imagination, and release fear. Fear cannot exist in the presence of joy. That’s what silliness, laughter and play induce: joy.

Spirit Animal Goose teaches silliness as a legitimate strategy for both self-care and productivity. We often dismiss silliness as frivolity that interferes with productivity. But Goose reminds you, like Otter, that all work and no play make you dull, irritable, and unimaginative. When you find yourself being serious and stuck, gently tease yourself into some fun. Make a joke out of it. Perform the Harry Potter “riddikulus” spell to turn your fear into something really funny. (Yes, I am being totally serious about being silly.)

Goose’s gift of migration and shared leadership go hand-in-hand. During migration, geese take turns in the lead position. With this gift, you can let go of blame and see that life is filled with shared responsibility.

Use the gift of migration to move away from your fear each time you release it. Fear is like a blanket that’s sitting over your shoulders. It makes you think you’re safe and protected. It makes you think you need it. (You don’t.) You have to hold onto it for it to stay on your shoulders. As you release it (literally, open your hands) and step away from it, the fear blanket will fall off of your shoulders. Now migrate away from it. Baby steps at first. Then go ahead and fly away—home to your True Self.

Use Goose’s fidelity to stay true to your higher self and your Personal Truth. Do not confuse fidelity with stubbornness and a resistance to change, remaining faithful to the status quo. What deserves your faithfulness is your Self.