Spirit Animal Griffin

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GIFTS: Guardian of the Divine. Nobility. Vigilance. Ruler of all Creatures. Flight and groundedness. Integration. Protecting a valued treasure.

CHALLENGES: Arrogance. Hyper-vigilance. Constantly on high alert. Being over-protective.

spirit animal griffin

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Spirit Animal Griffin (Griffon, Gryphon) is “mythical” creature, like DragonUnicornOuroboros and Phoenix. In the spirit animal world, there is no such thing as “mythical.” Historically, Griffin has been depicted with the body, tail and hind legs of a lion, and the head, wings and front legs of an eagle. (You may find variations on this theme.) Being half “Ruler of the Beasts” and half “Ruler of the Birds,” Griffin symbolizes “Ruler of All Creatures.”

As Ruler of All Creatures, Griffin truly rules its realm—setting boundaries, determining who may come in, establishing the purpose and the mission of the realm. Use this gift of wise majesty to define and rule your realm. You get to decide who enters your realm. You get to decide the purpose of your realm. You get to choose how to navigate obstacles. And you get to choose to close the realm to fear.

Fear leads you to believe that you need it to protect you and to keep you safe. But fear actually wounds you. It may have protected you once. But it has done more harm than good since then. Use Griffin’s healing powers to heal the wounding left by fear. Believing that you are not good enough, that you are flawed and need to be fixed, that you are worthless, that you can’t handle change, that you are lacking something, that your vulnerability will kill you, that you aren’t where you are supposed to be—these limiting beliefs damage your psyche. Griffin’s can help you not only release these limiting beliefs, but also heal the damage done by them.

As a halfbreed—literally a hybrid creature—Griffin symbolizes the integration of dualities. Contained within us all are both good and evil, passion and apathy, love and hate. Griffin teaches you to accept all that you are, not cutting off a piece or pushing an aspect into the shadows. Even when your dualities make you an anomaly in the world, don’t hide your true self. Would the Lion half allow Eagle to bury it? Would the Eagle half allow Lion to disguise it? Cut off your Eagle head, and Lion cannot live. Cut off your Lion body, and Eagle cannot live. Use this power of integration to accept yourself fully as you are. What makes you different makes you You.

As you release more and more fear, use this power of integration to accept yourself fully as you are. Do not blame or belittle yourself for having taken on fear. And do not bemoan the damage done by fear. Your scars and your pain are just as valid parts of you as your light and your joy.

When you discover your own true gifts that fear has been masking, use Griffin to protect this precious treasure. Let Griffin frighten away the fear blanket when it tries to jump back onto your shoulders. Let Griffin remind you how worthy you are and worth you are protecting.