Spirit Animal Grouse

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GIFTS: Drumming of wings, creating confusion. Personal power. Sacred spiral. Sacred dance. Destruction that must take place before new creation. Intensity that pulls people in (centripetal force). “To complain.”

CHALLENGES: Inability to stand still. Arrogance. Impatience. Unnecessary destruction. Intensity that pushes others away (centrifugal force).

spirit animal grouse

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Spirit Animal Grouse is traditionally recognized as a symbol of the spiral and personal power. This spiral can represent the action of circling in, coming closer and closer to an answer. Grouse’s spiral comes to me in the shape of a spiral galaxy, a whirlpool or a hurricane. You can feel both the destructive and creative forces in this kind of spiral. This kind of destruction, like that of the Hindu god Shiva, clears the way for innovation and re-creation. The message for you may be to tear down what you don’t need so you can make room for what really matters.

The spiral also represents both centripetal force and centrifugal force. You can see this as a balance, an alternating and an integration of opposing forces. Centripetal force pulls people in. Centrifugal force pushes them away. Use Grouse energy to discern when you are best served by pulling in vs pushing away. Yes, there are times when it is to your great benefit to push people away. But be careful not to keep that force alone active all the time. Just as it is dangerous to keep centripetal force perpetually active. The spiral is about going in the right direction at the right time—alternating between centripetal and centrifugal, between creation and destruction.

Physical grouses are known for creating confusion in a flurry of wings in order to escape from predators. We normally think of confusion and deception as “bad.” But Grouse teaches that they can be tools for good. Physical grouses are also known for drumming their wings. Shamanic practitioners will use drumming to get into a trancelike state for journeying into altered states of consciousness. Grouse drumming can be a sign for you to explore alternate realities. Confusion and deception in this reality may be quickly cleared up in an alternate reality. Follow Grouse when you need to find a path to clear confusion.

We commonly use the word grouse to mean complaining. If Grouse shows up for you—in person, in symbolism or in a reading—the message may be for you to stop your grousing. Examine where you may be giving up your personal power by complaining rather than acting.