Spirit Animal Hare

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GIFTS: 360-degree view of the world. Sensing real danger. Changing directions quickly and without warning. Independence.

CHALLENGES: Fear. Alertness to the point of anxiety. Inability to relax.

spirit animal hare

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Hare is an incredibly interesting spirit animal to work with because it is a symbol of fear. Historically, rabbits and hares have been used to represent fear, as leporids are fairly easy prey and profoundly vulnerable. When you see a rabbit or a hare in a dream, it can represent your own fear blocking your from a goal.

Quick note: A main difference between rabbits and hares is that rabbits live in groups, while hares live alone. This gives Hare an independence that Rabbit does not have.

So, what do you do when you meet Hare as a spirit animal? Does that mean that you are consumed with fear? Well, no more so that any of the rest of us. All spirit animals come with their own unique fears. Hare has no more, no less than anyone else. In fact, Hare has some cool gifts that help you face and release your fear.

With Spirit Animal Hare (and Rabbit), you can face your fear without even turning your body to face it. Hare has the gift of seeing nearly 360 degrees around it. That’s an incredible perspective to have. People may envy Hawk’s wide-and-detailed perspective, but Hawk still has to turn around to see behind it. Hare doesn’t need to turn around to see what’s behind it.

For you this means having a heightened sense of awareness, an intuitive knowingness, without being completely dependent on your eyes. When it comes to fear, you can trust your gut to alert you.

Imagine a hare sitting quietly, sensing what’s around it. It’s no hopping this way and that to visualize every potential danger. It senses what’s going on around it and acts appropriately from there.

Hare is able to change directions quickly, leaping into the air and swiveling its body around to go the other way. How can you use that to your advantage? When you’re heading one way, and circumstances suddenly change, you can adjust mid-air, even without preparing for it—not unlike Dragonfly. The fear of change may sneak in, but you have Hare to help you face it (without turning around) and release it (by adjusting your course at a moment’s notice).