Spirit Animal Hawk

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GIFTS: Expanding vision. Perspective. Discernment. Courage. Truth. Creativity. Aligning with the intention of your soul. Accessing higher levels of consciousness.

CHALLENGES: Being aloof. Staying above it all and never getting dirty. Lack of empathy. Impatience with the here and now and this reality. Inaccessible to other people.

spirit animal hawk

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Hawk is the archetypal symbol of the visionary. Soaring high and wide, Hawk sees both the big picture and the little details. Here’s an idea of how paradoxical that is: Some people read a book and take in the big, sweeping themes and character arcs. Other people read a book and notice the nuances of the language, as well as catching every typo or punctuation mistake. Usually, the same person doesn’t fall into both of those camps. Hawk does. Hawk sees the themes and grand patterns while also noticing the tiny details and the errors.

In Hawk’s case, noticing the details does not make you a detail- oriented person. You may see the details and the flaws, but you don’t like dealing with them. As a visionary, you believe the details matter only as far as they contribute to the grand scheme.

With Hawk, you can spot obstacles and the best path to get around them (or over, under, or through them). Your job is not to stay with the obstacle or even with the details of the chosen path. Your job is to assess and re-assess how those pieces fit into the whole. You can delegate the managing of the details to someone else.

Hawk offers the gift of intuition and bestows upon you the role of messenger. With Hawk as your spirit animal, you are highly intuitive, constantly knowing without being able to explain how you know. Don’t try to explain it. Just deliver the message and move on. It’s not your job to make sure the recipient heeds the message.

However, you will find that as your messages are proved right time and again, more people will come to accept the message without question. There can be a temptation to use this power for your own selfish ends. Hawk’s intention is to guide to a higher vision or greater good, not to lead astray.

A challenge for people with spirit animal Hawk is staying grounded and connected to other people. Hawk people tend to be loners, often introverts. You may find more ease and joy in your own company than in the company of others. This can come off as aloofness, arrogance, or shyness to other people. Not that their opinion matters. Hawk doesn’t really care. But realizing your vision in the world does rely to some degree on other people. As such, their perception of you matters, at least a bit.

Hawk can remain aloof and aloft, flying around in a holding pattern—afraid to come in for a landing. This can feel like indecision in you, circling your options just “one more time” before deciding. The problem is, that one more time tends to turn into a dozen more times. Hawk cannot stay aloft indefinitely. It must land to rest, to nourish itself, and to connect with others in order to create.