Spirit Animal Hummingbird

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GIFTS: Messenger of joy. Inner joy. Healing. Endurance over long distance. Figure-8, infinity. Ability to hover and move in any direction. Seeking the sweetness of life.

CHALLENGES: Looking for joy outside of yourself. Hovering in one place too long. Impatience in seeking out the sweetness, not enjoying what’s here and now.

spirit animal hummingbird

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If you look at animals as predicting future events, you could view the arrival of a hummingbird as a harbinger of joy, a promise that joy is on its way into your life. Hummingbird is a symbol of joy. But spirit animals don’t predict what will happen. That would take away your choice and free will. Spirit animals indicate what gifts, messages, and challenges are in your highest good to pay attention to. They do not promise any particular outcome.

Noticing a hummingbird at your window doesn’t necessarily mean that everything’s going to be all sunshine and roses from here on out. Hummingbird offers you the gift of joy—as in, do what you need to do to bring more joy into your life. If you don’t feel enough joy now, make a change so that you can feel joy. Hummingbird is suggesting that you seek out the sweetness of life. It’s a choice, not a promise.

Unlike other birds (but similar to Dragonfly), hummingbirds can fly in any direction— forward, backward, up, down, sideways, and diagonally. If you need to change something in order to experience more joy, Hummingbird can help you move in any direction to get what you need/want. You are never stuck—in this place or going in this direction. It is all changeable, and it is all up to you.

Hummingbird moves its wings in a figure-8 motion, which is a symbol of infinity (similar to Spider and Octopus). Hummingbird is reminding you to release your fear of lack or loss, to release all fear around impermanence. Everything that is indeed impermanent is an essential part of the Oneness that is eternal. In other words, it’s all good. If you lose this, no big deal. There’s more joy to be found over there.

Be careful when using Hummingbird not to focus all of your attention outside of yourself for joy. Physical hummingbirds may seek sweetness in the nectar of flowers (similar to Butterfly). But the message for you is to see(k) inner joy. What you seek is within you. That’s why lack is an illusion for Hummingbird, and loss is irrelevant. You can never really lose your Self. You can feel disconnected, detached, separated. But your Self—your ultimate source of joy—is never really gone.

Rather than telling you to seek joy, Hummingbird can also be indicating that your job is to bring more joy to the world. How are you modeling joy? How are you spreading joy? Think about when you spy a hummingbird at your window. Its miraculous little wings make your heart flutter. What miracle can you bring to the world? What tiny flutter of joy can you spread around you?