Spirit Animal Kangaroo

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GIFTS: Taking a leap of faith. Keeping what’s precious to you close at hand. Groundedness. Strength. Moving forward.

CHALLENGES: Leaping before you look. Haste. Not enjoying the here and now. Holding on too tight what’s precious to you.

spirit animal kangaroo

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Spirit Animal Kangaroo teaches taking a leap of faith. Kangaroo’s leap is different from Grasshopper’s in that Kangaroo brings the gifts of balance and groundedness. Kangaroo’s large, power tail gives balance (limiting wavering and wobbling) during leaps. Kangaroo’s very large feet bring grounding, enough so to make the leaps even bigger. It is that strong connection to Earth that facilitates the leap, that makes it more powerful. You also see in Kangaroo’s leaps a steadiness and determination. This is not better than the airy feeling of Grasshopper’s leaps—just different. One will usually resonate more with you than the other. Though there is a time and place for each type of energy, even within your own life.

Like Koala, Spirit Animal Kangaroo teaches keeping what is precious to you close at hand. The shadow side of this is the fear of lack, loss or want. But you see that Kangaroo’s pouch can not be extended indefinitely to hold everything to which you may wish to cling. Kangaroo keeps only the most precious of cargo with it. For you, this precious cargo would be things such as creative ideas that still need time to incubate and gestate.

If the joey (baby kangaroo) misses the pouch or comes out too soon, it will die. Much of its time spent in the pouch is spent growing through the fetal stage. Imagine what happens when you release your creative ideas into the world prematurely, before they have had a chance to take root fully within you, before they have taken full form and gained the strength to stand on their own. Most of the time, those creative ideas wither and die. Kangaroo is not suggesting that you never release your ideas into the world. No. Kangaroo is modeling that you protect them and nourish them while they complete their gestation. (This is similar to Butterfly’s gift of timing.) Then, like all good mothers, you release them into the world.