Spirit Animal Koala

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GIFTS: Conservation of energy. Nurturing creative ideas. Letting old projects go before starting a new project.

CHALLENGES: Ignoring other possibilities. Resisting change. Ambition. Letting go before it’s really time.

spirit animal koala

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Similar to Kangaroo, Spirit Animal Koala teaches single-focused commitment and keeping what is precious to you close at hand. A marsupial, Koala keeps her joey (baby) in her pouch for six to severn months and then later on her back for another five to six months. The lesson for you is to keep your creative ideas close to your heart when they are still in their infancy. Pushing them out too soon can make them fail. Timing is of the utmost importance. Nurture your creative ideas until they are ready to emerge. When they have emerged, help them along until they are ready to thrive independently of you. Then let them go.

When Koala becomes pregnant again, she completely severs her ties to the previous offspring, even aggressively chasing it away if she has to. That may be harsher than you’re willing to be, especially with your own creation. It is rare for someone to start a business, sell it, and then have nothing more to do with it. Or to write a book or make a record and never tour, sing, or refer to it again.

If Koala has shown up in your life, especially if it is a lifetime power animal, I recommend you examine both what you need to nurture more fully and what you need to release more fully. Yes, that creative idea, that book, that project, that business will always be your baby. But you won’t have the energy or resources to create again if you stay tethered exclusively to this one forever. If you’ve done your job, it will live on without you. If it still needs, really and truly needs you, then it’s not time to cut the cord—and it’s not time to conceive again. Koala is telling you to focus on one project at a time.

Koala’s diet of mostly eucalyptus leaves does not provide it with adequate energy to be very active. In fact, physical koalas sleep about 20 hours a day to conserve their energy. Koala is not telling you to sleep your life away, but rather not to waste your precious energy on pursuits that don’t matter.