Spirit Animal Lizard

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GIFTS: Letting go of what’s holding you back. Getting away from fear’s grip. Dreamtime. Recognizing true self (weaknesses and strengths).

CHALLENGES: Getting stuck in the dream world and not coming back to reality. Too much reliance on external forces for warmth, joy.

spirit animal lizard

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Spirit Animal Lizard offers the perfect gift for releasing fear: Letting go of what’s holding you back, escaping the clutches of fear. Some lizard species can let go of the end of their tail in order to escape from a predator.

When fear has a tight grip on you, release the part you don’t need.

  • If you are afraid of not being good enough, let go of your inadequacy.
  • If you are afraid you are flawed, let go of self-destructive behaviors.
  • If you are afraid of being worthless, let go of your victim mentality.
  • If you are afraid of change, let go of your stubbornness.
  • If you are afraid of lack or loss, let go of attachment to what you believe you “need.”
  • If you are afraid of vulnerability, let go of your arrogance.
  • If you are afraid of missing out, let go of your impatience with yourself.

Lizard’s tail may be a different color or pattern as a decoy to attract predators to it. Imagine, rather than hiding your vulnerability, you flaunt it. Spirit animal Quetzal also offers the gift of flaunting your vulnerability. The difference is that Quetzal has confidence in its ability to evade predators, even with its extremely long, easy-to-catch tail. Lizard has confidence that it can safely lose the part of itself it doesn’t need in order to escape.

With the fear of lack or want, imagine letting go of everything you’ve collected that you really don’t need. You can’t imagine it because you need it all? No. You don’t need any of it. You are everything you need, exactly as you are. You can escape your fear of lack and loss by voluntarily giving up what you don’t need.

In addition to the gift of letting go of what you don’t need, Lizard teaches to leave the past behind you. Holding onto memories and stories and your connection to people and place is part of being human. But defining yourself by the past and dwelling on the past will limit your human potential—the potential to live your personal power.

Lizard is a symbol of the dreamtime. Use Lizard to help you navigate your dreams and bring the dreams you desire to life. Letting go of what no longer serves you is an essential step.

Of course, this ease of letting go can turn into letting go of everything—even situations that challenge you to grow. The trick is to let go of fear, not the thing that triggers your fear. When you’re afraid of failing, it’s tempting to let go of the goal at which you may fail. That’s not what Lizard is saying. Keep the goal. Let go of the lie that failure proves you inadequate, unworthy, or lacking.

If you’re not yet comfortable with Lizard’s gift of letting go, then you may be holding on too tight—to false identity, to people who don’t nourish you, to other people’s expectations, to unattainable ideals of perfection. You don’t have to drop your entire tail at once. Start small. Let go a little, then a little more.