Spirit Animal Moose

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GIFTS: Self-esteem. Gentleness and strength. Grace and clumsiness. Shapeshifting. Defending the family. Being huge but able to move silently.

CHALLENGES: Lack of balance—all clumsy; all gentleness with no strength; strength to the point of aggression. Stubborn independence.

spirit animal moose

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In the physical world, Moose is a solitary creature. Mother and babies live together, having a very close bond. Otherwise, males and childless females live alone. In the spiritual realm, this is a gift of independence, knowing you don’t need a herd to survive or thrive. Moose reminds you to trust your inner resources, your own skills, and your own wits.

That trust extends beyond yourself to a trust in the Universe. Moose is not a worrier. Moose’s gentle strength gives it a zen-like quality of faith and trust. Do not mistake this for complacency or inaction. Moose is a symbol of personal power—of expressing your power by taking conscious action in faith. Faith in what? Faith that ultimately everything is all right. Faith that no matter what happens, the soul that is You is all right.

Spirit animal Moose is a powerful symbol of self-esteem and knowing your own worth. Moose is particularly helpful in releasing the fear of being worthless. Moose knows its own worth. Moose trusts deeply in its own worth beyond the intellectual level. If you have the fear of being worthless, you may intellectually know that you are worthy. But the underlying belief is that you are not. You don’t trust that you are worthy. Moose is an excellent ally to help you release the fear of being worthless. Moose is shameless about acknowledging its own worth.

“Shameless” about acknowledging worth?! If that strikes a chord, then Moose is definitely calling to you. Yes, there is no shame is acknowledging your worth. That can mean saying “no” when you’re asked to take on a project you don’t have time for or don’t feel passionate about. It can mean asking for a raise or raising your fees. It can mean taking that last piece of pie.

Moose’s call is a pure expression of unabashed joy. See how you can create your own Moose call. It doesn’t have to be out loud—to start with. Use the nice silverware. Carry the purse you love but hide away for special occasions. “Special occasions” is often a code for “I don’t deserve it.”

Since Moose is a symbol of balance, being out of sync with your Moose can result in extreme unbalance. On the one hand, you can end up deeper in the fear of being worthless. On the other, you can become highly aggressive as a means of standing your ground, even when no one is crossing the line.

There is also the risk of becoming stubbornly independent. While Moose may not need a herd, we humans do. Unbalanced Moose energy can facilitate a natural tendency towards doing everything alone. Moose independence is a wonderful gift. Just make sure to exercise human caution about going it alone all the time.