Spirit Animal Peacock

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GIFTS: Beauty. Being unafraid to show who you really are. Knowing your worth. Recognition. Timelessness.

CHALLENGES: Arrogance. Focusing too much on appearances. Basing your worth on others think of you.

spirit animal peacock

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Spirit Animal Peacock teaches being unafraid to show who you really are, knowing your full worth, and being fully seen.

Spirit Animal Peacock can resemble arrogance (fear of vulnerability), but its energy helps you release the fear of vulnerability, as well as the fear of inadequacy.

Wanting to be the center of attention, wanting recognition, accepting a compliment without self-deprecation, wanting to celebrate a win—somehow these have all become negative character traits. Yes, I agree that being around someone who has to be the center of attention all the time is exhausting. And they are difficult to be friends with because they often are pretty superficial. But those are challenges of having Peacock as your spirit animal. They aren’t the way you have to be with Peacock.

Why do we criticize people who take pride in their accomplishments? Why do we shame people who care about their appearance? We demonize the ego and make pride a deadly sin.

The deadliest of sins is actually killing off parts of your Self by denying legitimate human needs. You need water for your body to survive. And you need recognition for your soul to thrive. Not everyone, and not all the time. Peacock is not leading you into temptation. It is delivering you from the soul-crushing evil of forced conformity. If this resonates with you, Peacock may be your spirit animal.

Peacock energy can help you come out of hiding and show your true beauty and worth. While everyone clamors to see a peacock spread its tail, Peacock’s sense of worth does not come from without. Peacock’s worth and unwavering sense of Self come from deep within—from Soul and Source.

By the way, your spirit animal Peacock may be male or female. Female Peacock (as opposed to Peahen) offers the additional gifts of audacity and uniqueness—truly going against all expectations.