Spirit Animal Seagull

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GIFTS: Freedom. Perspective. Joy. Laughter. Staying with emotions but not drowning in them.

CHALLENGES: Ungrounded. Restlessness.

spirit animal seagull

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A very personal message from spirit animal Seagull is to accept your spirit animals and listen to their guidance. Yes, you could say that all spirit animals share that message. But Seagull was particularly insistent upon this point with me. I was advised by a human that seagulls aren’t traditionally power animals. Well, Seagull certainly begged to differ on that power animal issue. And I listened—literally, from the dock of a rented summer house on Cayuga Lake—as numerous gulls flew around me and called out to me. The message was clear. “Put me in the book.”

The “not traditional” issue is a moot point, as the intention of my book (What’s Your Spirit Animal?) is not to share the pure teachings of any tradition. Rather, it is to share new messages intermingled with archetypal messages that are available to us all. Seagull is the perfect emissary for that!

By the way, technically, it’s just “gull,” not “seagull.” The biologist in me kept insisting on calling it “gull.” But the author in me knew people wouldn’t find what they were looking for if I called it anything other than “seagull.” My desire for fluid communication and Seagull’s desire to be found won out over my usual preference for taxonomic accuracy.

Spirit animal Seagull gifts include freedom and perspective. Seagull gave me the freedom to change my original perspective on who can and cannot be a power animal. When I hesitated to follow my gut and my animal guides, Seagull gave me the power to recognize how I was letting fear hold me back—getting stuck in other people’s beliefs, other people’s rules, other people’s traditions. If Seagull is a new power animal, it brings with it new rules—or the freedom from established rules. If you’ve read Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Seagull guides you both to see and to break through the illusions of this world. It shows you where you are holding onto fear. It teaches you that freedom comes from releasing fear. What Seagull exemplifies is that you must first embody freedom before you can fully release your fear. That may seem oxymoronic or impossibly difficult. But freedom is a state of mind and a state of being, regardless of your physical conditions. Nelson Mandela achieved freedom of mind years before he was given freedom of body.

Soar in the air with Seagull to get a different view of your situation. You may notice that the obstacles and the fear aren’t so big or insurmountable. This different perspective can help you see alternate paths and creative solutions.