Spirit Animal Spider

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GIFTS: Creation. Weaving your own reality. Infinite possibilities. Sacred geometry. Integration with the sacred spiral. Beauty and simplicity. Seduction. Temptation. Observation. Patience.

CHALLENGES: Getting caught in your own trap. Loneliness. Aloofness. Staying up in the corner as an observer, not really living. Hoarding what you no longer need. Letting your web decay and fall apart.

spirit animal spider

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Spirit Animal Spider offers the gift of weaving your own reality. This does not mean ignoring physical reality or stubbornly clinging to your own limited perspective. It means recognizing the power you have to define your reality, to recognize your Personal Truth. (Yes, personal truth with a capital P and a capital T. It’s that important.) Your Personal Truth is not the same as a World Truth or a Universal Truth (what you might traditionally call a universal law). Personal Truths are subjective and malleable from lifetime to lifetime. But your Personal Truth matters. Exploring it, living it and owning it is why you are here.

No, you are not here to serve or to love or even to be happy. Spider teaches you to scrap the false platitudes and illusions that others would sell you. Create your own experience and weave your own reality based on your Personal Truth—who you are, why you are here, what you are here to do.

The one unifying “why” is to experience choice. Why are you here? To choose. It’s that simple. Spider’s web radiates the beauty of simplicity. Create your reality from the perspective of simplicity. No need to overcomplicate what is already flawless.

Spider is one of my lifetime power animals. But I kept it in the shadows for 44 years. I said that I was afraid of spiders —arachnids, actually. I was too scared even to say the word “spider.” I was bitten by a poisonous spider on the back of my neck when I was 12, but my arachnophobia had started even before then. (I ended up getting over my arachnophobia by accepting Spider as a power animal. Then I help my friend’s tarantula!)

Arachnophobia is a telling word for when Spider is a shadow animal. Phobia doesn’t mean “fear of.” It means “hatred of.” I hated spiders. Really, I hated the part of myself that is related to Spider.

There is great power and even greater responsibility in weaving your own reality. If I acknowledged that power in myself, I would have to use it. I could no longer be a victim to circumstances. I could no longer put blame on anyone else. Of course, I rejected Spider. Accepting Spider would mean accepting my true power—and facing the fact that I was afraid of it.

Spider’s eight legs are a symbol of infinite possibilities. The number 8, turned on its side, looks like an infinity symbol. As you weave your own reality, Spider reminds you to consider all possibilities.

A challenge for Spider people is loneliness. Spiders are solitary creatures. Add that to the fact that people will unconsciously be intimidated by the Spider energy that you radiate, and you likely find yourself with only a few close friends and discomfort in big groups. Honor your need to retreat to your web. Just remember to use Spider’s gifts of seduction and luring to draw people—the right people—into your realm.